Happy Birthday Washoku Day!

That's right, yesterday was a very special day, the first year anniversary of starting this blog! Hooray! 

Washoku Day has been a wonderful addition to my life. Has it always been sunshine and roses? It has not. Some days I really had to force myself to cook or to write, but those were really the exception. Mostly it's been fun, fun to make the food, fun to take the pictures, fun to shoot the videos, slightly less fun to upload the videos with my dodgy internet, and lots of fun to write the posts. I never doubted that I could last a year, I can be very dedicated, but the scope of the project was something I had never fully grasped. It's already turned into classes, a book (which I swear will be done soon), and plans for a trip to Japan. And hey, this is the 75th post, not bad at all!

To celebrate this momentous birthday, I spent a day making a blue million steamed cheesecakes and gave them away at my sister's gallery. Tonight, I'll be back there again for First Friday, this time with Japanese sweet breads and melon pan. There will also be Japanese cocktails, made with sake, juice, and fruit! (If you didn't know about the giveaways, like my Facebook page and join the mailing list.)

I also wanted to celebrate at home, with my family, who has been very supportive over this year. They've known how important this blog is to me and have done everything they can to help me (of course a lot of that is getting to eat all this Japanese food). But whether it's my mother allowing me to completely take over her kitchen, or my sister endlessly promoting the blog and everything else I do, I couldn't thank them enough. So I put together a dinner of shrimp and vegetable tempura. If you remember, that was the dish that made me fall in love with Japanese cuisine in the first place, back when I was a small child.

And what's a birthday without a cake? I just so happened to have gotten a new cookbook,  Okashi: Sweet Treats Made With Love by Keiko Ishida. It's full of recipes for french style, Japanese desserts, the sort of treats that you would find at a bakery in Tokyo. Recently I've been watching the new season of The Great British Baking Show and the idea of making a fancy dessert appealed to me. So I tried a recipe where you make a soufflé sponge, the sort that you roll up, but instead of laying it on it's side like a swiss roll, you set it upright and frost it like a cake. Rolled up inside was lemon curd and whipped cream. I'm no great shakes at cake making, or decorating, but if I may say so, this cake came out great!

Okay, so, Washoku Day has a year under its belt. What next? Well, I'm not planning on quitting any time soon. I've got plenty of recipes still to try and I'm continuously learning. However, there are some things that you can do to help Washoku Day grow. Have you liked the Facebook page or joined the mailing list? Those are both big helps, especially if you share them with your friends. There is also the Instagram, where I post a lot of pictures that never make it onto the blog. Something else, which I absolutely love, is getting comments on my posts. It makes me feel really happy, and like all of my hard work is worthwhile, when I get to hear from my readers. But of course, the best thing you can do is tell all your friends and family about Washoku Day. 

Thank you so much for reading over this last year! If you're in the Blue Hill area, I hope that you've been able to enjoy the birthday giveaways, if not, I can only thank you by continuing to write. Now, on to another year of delicious foods and more!

Until next time, thank you for reading!