Celebrating 50 Posts With Plans for the Future!

Oh my god, I cannot believe this is my fiftieth post! Not only that, but it's been six month since the site went live. That's a lot to celebrate! When I started this project my goal was to write at least one post a week, and now I stand at half a year doing almost exactly twice that. I have a small loyal following, a beautiful website, and a tummy full of delicious food. What more could I possibly ask for?

There are lots of plans I have made for content this coming year, including three posts about making ramen from scratch, a month dedicated to food from the studio Ghibli movies, and explorations into Shojin Ryori, the zen monk diet. Offline, I am planning on spending my summer going to people's houses to cook them Japanese meals, and teaching classes in my area (If you're interested, make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive up dates). I'm also looking into the possibility of writing a short cookbook about cooking healthy, Japanese inspired foods.

This is all very exciting, but not nearly as much as my big plan for the future of Washoku Day. Are you ready for this? It's huge. It's super exciting, and if I can pull it off I shall be achieving a life long dream. I am happy to announce that I am currently in the process of planning a trip to Japan! If all goes to well, me and my sister, Sihaya, should be setting out in the Spring of next year, or the autumn, planning on either being there for the cherry blossoms or the changing foliage. We will be there for four weeks and will travel all over Honshu, writing for the blog and gathering material for a book.

Pretty soon I'm going to give you more information on the planning process, most likely in the form of a new page on the website. In this mean time, if anyone who has been to Japan has any suggestions or tips, feel free to comment below. Currently we're planning to go to the big places like Tokyo and Kyoto, and some less traveled places like Takayama and Hakuba. And of course, we'll be eating food, all the food!

I hope that you have been enjoying reading this blog and watching the videos. I've certainly enjoyed putting it all together. There have been some hard days, (I'm thinking of you, okonomiyaki) but mostly it's been lots of fun. I never thought I'd be making my own tonkatsu and tempura, and I didn't even know there was such a thing as Japanese cheesecake and pudding. Putting together the picture for this post really reminded me of all the amazing adventures I have had over the past six months. If there is one thing that I've gained from this it is a great excitement for all my future projects!

Until number 51, thank you so much for reading!