Kipp Sienna Hopkins

Kipp, a writer and illustrator, lives in a small town in Maine. She is the author of four children's books and the first volume of a graphic novel. 

Growing up on an oyster farm in the Alaskan bush, Kipp was raised around home cooked meals and plenty of fresh seafood. A lover of Japanese food and culture, Kipp's Washoku Project is a labor of love. 

In 2017, Kipp was invited to film an episode of Who Wants to Come to Japan, and achieved a life long dream by visiting that country. 

When at home you can find Kipp painting, writing, reading, listening to audiobooks and making hats for her cat.

Find more on Kipp's artwork and books here.

One of Kipp's Paintings.

One of Kipp's Paintings.

Kipp's cat Emrys

Rest in Peace Tybalt 2000-2016

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